Top Safety Tips for Backpackers

There's something about the wilderness that’s both intriguing and scary. You never know what you might have to face while backpacking or where you might end up, but that’s the fun part. It's exhilarating to think every adventure will be a new one.

Although when you're out in the middle of nowhere, you need to keep some safety tips in mind to be safe. Here are a few things that could help you stay safe:

Carry a First Aid Kit

The first and most essential tip for backpacking is to keep a first aid kit with you. You never know where or when you might need it. When you're out and about in the wild minor cuts and bruises are bound to happen. So, a couple of ointments, painkillers, gauze, bandages anti-allergies etc. can seem like lifesavers on a trip.

Take Bear Resistant Food Containers

Often on your overnight backpacking trips, there is a risk of animals lurking around. Bears and other wild animals can not only take your food but be a threat to humans as well. Leaving no trace of food around will help keep them away, so you should invest in some bear resistant food containers for your trip. However, if you do want to store food overnight, keep it at a great distance from where your campsite is just in case animals are in search of food.

Keep an Extra Map

When you’re backpacking, there are chances you can get confused and lost. Always keep a hard copy of your map, and if you’re going in a large group, keep extra in case you lose or damage yours. You can also navigate through GPS apps for backup but keep more than one location guidance for you and your family, especially in case you guys get separated.

Plan for Emergencies

Whether you’re backpacking alone or in a group, make sure someone back home has a copy of your itinerary. Also, it would help to carry your ID and contact information. These things help in case of emergencies or when you encounter unexpected hurdles during your trip.

A Backpacking Woman Walking on Rocks

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