Trendy Balance Pockets for Your Camping Expeditions Next Year

Nothing beats the thrill of camping out in the wild or going on adventurous hikes! But the thought of lugging around heavy loads on your back can put a damper on anyone’s mood. Traditional style backpacks require you to stop and take them off in order to access your gear or reach behind you without looking to find items in the external side pockets.

Balance Pockets can help you access your tools and gear without having to stop or slow down. They have a large volume which can help you pack it full of everything you might need during your trek—camera, compass, snacks, hat, and more. You can also place your heavier items like water, fuel, and a stove in the front bags.

Here are some of the best balance pockets that will make your next camping expedition much more relaxing:

Universal balance bags

Universal balance bags can be attached to backpacks of any brand, so users who don’t have Aarn Packs can also benefit from the counter-balanced load. The bags are super easy to clip onto your bag after putting it on and just as easy to remove before taking it off. They’re the perfect solution for hikers and campers who are carrying their baby or toddler in a kiddy carrier due to the reduced strain and improved balance. There’s also more storage volume available with these bags, making it easier to backpack with small children.

Fishing balance pockets

Fishing balance pockets are the perfect fit for all Aarn backpacks except for Minilites. They can hold 4 different fly boxes of sizes 19.5 x 11 x 4 cm and 16 x 10 x 4cm with multiple mesh pockets and pocket flaps for holding small items. The back panel incorporated an air mesh for greater ventilation while carrying it, and it has a flexible upper back that allows users to bend comfortably. This balance pocket is great for people with back problems since it equalizes the weight distribution in the front and back, which is more important than simply reducing weight.

Hipster balance pockets

Hipster balance pockets are perfect for those who take part in adventure racing, keeping the race number clearly visible in the back. You can carry 2 compact water bottles and snacks along in the pockets, making it easier to gain access to energy on the go.

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