What Are the Basic Skills for Hiking?

Hiking can be an uplifting experience if you know what you're doing. However, there are many mistakes you can make as a beginner that can ruin the trip for you.

This article discusses the four basic skills you need for hiking. So put ultralight hiking pants on and start reading!

High Aerobic Function

A well-functioning aerobic system is vital for a good hike. Hiking isn't a walk in the park, but it can be if your aerobic system is trained for it. On a hike, you must climb slopes while carrying your hiking stuff with you. Even if you have the most comfortable daypack, you won't be very comfortable if your body can't produce the energy needed.

For such a prolonged activity as hiking, you need to be able to produce energy sustainability. For this, you highly function aerobic respiration because anaerobic respiration would tire you otherwise. You can train for aerobic function by jogging or running energy day for a few days before hiking.

High Lung Capacity

High aerobic functionality is no good to you if your lungs can't inhale enough oxygen in the first place. This often happens on a hike when you're 8000 feet above sea level. The atmosphere up there is way thinner than what you're used to. Less oxygen is available, so your lungs have to work harder.

You can improve your lung capacity with aerobic exercise and high-intensity interval training. If you smoke, quitting will significantly impact your lung capacity more than anything else.

Choosing the Right Equipment

You can't just take your entire travel bag on a hike. A skilled hiker should be selective about what to take and what not to take. Every bit of extra weight means an extra load on your shoulders.

You also can't take a college bag on a hike; you need a lightweight backpack. We also recommend choosing from naturally balanced backpacks with a front compartment. These bags allow you to walk in a natural posture and limit strain. Back of a hiker using a lightweight backpack for hiking

At Light Hiking Gear, we've set the industry standard for the best lightweight backpacks. Aarn ultralight packs are designed to give you a natural balance so you can focus on enjoying nature.

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