Everything You Should Know About All-Mountain Skiing

All-mountain skiing is arguably the best way to experience skiing on its whole. From maneuverability to ultralight packs, here's everything you need to know about all-mountain skiing.

What is All-Mountain Skiing?

All-mountain skiing combines a variety of on-piste skiing with some off-piste skiing. You get to ski in different on-piste conditions and go wild on backcountry skiing. All-mountain ski pairs are specially designed to handle such a huge variety of conditions. These skis are highly versatile. They have a rocker tip that increases edge grip and allows you to initiate turns easily. All-mountain skiing includes skiing in light powdered snow, piste runs, and ice.

Things To Consider Before All-Mountain Skiing

All-mountain skiing requires more skill than pure on-piste skiing. An all-mountain ski pair allows your greater maneuverability, but turning is still different in different conditions. If you're going on an all-mountain ski, be sure to take someone with you for safety.

Icy mountains are primarily at high altitudes where air pressure is lower than what you're used to in the city. The sub-zero temperature of the air makes it further difficult to breathe. Make sure your lungs are in good shape before going on a ski.

How To Prepare For All-Mountain Skiing

You'll need your energy and mental focus for a successful all-mountain ski. Skiing itself doesn't make a lot of energy but keeping your body at its natural temperature uses a lot of calories. Shivering in the cold for ten minutes burns more calories than an hour of exercise. If your body isn't prepared to generate energy at that rate, you won't be able to ski for long.

Person skiing with an ultralight pack

The best way to save energy is by using ultralight backpacking gear and balanced day bags. Ultralight packs and backpacking gear can significantly reduce the weight you have to carry. Balanced day packs prevent strain in your back so you can ski as comfortably as possible.

Light Hiking Gear is an award-winning maker of balanced day bags anatomically designed for maximum comfort. Our packs have multiple compartments that keep your body's center of gravity to its original position and give you a natural posture. Aarn bodypacks are also extremely lightweight.

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