What Makes a Backpack Comfy?

Backpacks are wonderfully versatile creations that help nature lovers and school-goers schlep around their camping gear or textbooks. Choosing the right backpack for your camping or travel trips can help you save a lot of money and frustration in the long run. One of the main requirements of traveling long distances with a backpack is to ensure your comfort. Here’s how you can choose a comfy backpack:

Look at the size

You should look for a backpack that’s large enough to contain all of your gear and compact enough for you to be able to carry it easily. Backpacks are usually measured by their volume in liters instead of the weight that they can carry. Large, 80L backpacks are perfect for fitting in camping gear such as a tent, food, or a stove. You can also go for a 40-50L backpack for shorter hikes or trips where you don’t need to lug around large equipment.

Padded straps and pads

Backpacks should be comfortable to put on, even if they’re extremely heavy. Good travel backpacks should have a padded back, padded shoulders, and a padded adjustable hip belt. These straps for your hips and chest ensure that the load is distributed evenly across your upper half instead of putting all the pressure on your shoulders, which can lead to some nasty problems for your back. You can also use compression straps that let you turn your loose travel pack into a more compact carry-on to make it easier to move around.

Water resistance

Water-resistant gear is extremely important if you’re going camping or on long hikes in rainy destinations. You can invest in a good quality rainfly—a tarp that keeps your backpack safe and dry under rain or snow. If water resistance is of high priority, you can invest in a backpack that’s made with treated nylon fiber.

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