What Should Be in Your Hiking Backpack and Why It Matters

Hiking requires specific equipment and resources to perform it properly. Whether it’s a long, strenuous hike or a hike to your favorite waterfall or park, every hike needs specific equipment.

A hiking bag isn’t enough to prepare you for a hike. Other things also play an essential role in sustaining you and protecting you from unexpected encounters during your trip. Here are some things that should be in your hiking backpack:

Extra Clothes

The first step to preparing for every hike is to pack the right clothing gear. Clothing gear includes extra jackets or layers to keep you warm and the right pair of hiking pants and shoes. Be sure to pack different shoes and socks since they can get wet and you might get sick so pack an extra pair of waterproof jacket and other hiking apparel just in case.


Hiking is hard work. We don’t just mean the fitness aspect of it but also in terms of exhaustion. Since hiking burns many calories and can tire you, it is essential to keep yourself fueled at all times. Pack some pick-me-up snacks with you for instant energy, such as nuts, chocolates, protein bars, bananas, and more.

Be sure to carry your water bottle with you and avoid drinking water from streams unless it is treated and sanitary.

Miscellaneous Items

Now that you’re set with the proper hiking apparel and snacks, some miscellaneous items are essential too. These items include sunglasses, caps, and other items such as sunscreen. Sunscreen may not seem like a critical item, but research shows that excessive exposure to the sun can activate skin cancer cells, and sunscreen over SPF 30, can help protect your skin.


When hiking, be prepared for some painful experiences and injuries. It is very typical to get a minor injury or scratch when embarking on a hiking expedition. We recommend keeping a first-aid kit ready and educating not just yourself but all your group members to familiarize themselves with the proper technique and practice. Also, keep some medicines packed for precautionary measures.

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