What's The Best Time to Hike?

There's no such thing as a bad time for hiking. Still, some hours of the day may work better for you, depending on where you are hiking and your personal preferences.

In this article, we discuss the good and the bad of hiking at different times. Gather the information, decide for yourself, pack your ultralight packs and go hiking!

Hiking in The Morning

For many, early morning is the best time for hiking. After a long refreshing night, you wake up to a fresh morning breeze with mist suspended in the air. You also get a surge of serotonin in the first hour you wake up, boosting your mood and motivating you for a hike. Morning is also when many other mammals and birds wake up, making it the perfect time to experience nature at its purest.

You probably can't relate to this if you're a night owl. Some people have a genetically forward-shifted biological clock. If you're one of them, you can't do anything about it, and hiking in the morning may not be as wholesome.

Hiking in The Evening

The evening is the most peaceful time for hiking. The carnivores are done chasing the prey, and the herbivores have fed enough for the day. It's quiet everywhere except for the steady wind that reminds you of the wild west.

The evening is also the most comfortable time to go on a hike if you're in a cold area. However, hiking in the evening isn't nearly as exciting as hiking in the morning.

Hiking at Night

For an astrophile, nothing compares to lying under the night sky and witnessing the milky way with their own eyes. There's so much pollution in modern urban areas that most of us never see the real sky except on a hike. Night-time hiking is also ideal for night owls who have no trouble staying up till midnight.

Person looking at the milky way galaxy

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