Worried About Getting Lost on a Hike? Here’s What You Should Do If You Lose Your Way

Even the most seasoned hikers lose their way when hiking at times. It’s not easy immersing yourself in nature without the convenience of technology.

If you’re worried about getting lost on the trail, use our tips to be prepared:

Decide Whether You Want To Go Or Stay Put


The moment you realize you’re lost and don’t know where you are, you have two options; you can either keep walking and hope to find your way out, or you can stay put and wait for help.

The option you take will depend on your surroundings and the weather. If you aren’t sure there are people around and you can’t call for help, you should keep walking to look for civilization.

If you’re risking your safety by walking then it’s best to stay put and wait for others to find you. Also, it’s probably better to stay put and find shelter when you’re traveling with kids. You don’t want to end up walking in the wrong direction and tire everyone out.

Signal Rescuers

Make it easier to be found by signaling to rescuers that you’re in danger. The way you signal to them will depend on where you are. If rescuers are most likely to find you when walking then you need to be waiting in a place that allows you to see everything around you. Look for a place that offers some height so you can see in all directions.

If rescuers are most likely to find you from a plane or helicopter then you’ll have to try arranging sticks, rocks or any other items around you in a way that is easy to spot from the sky.

Start A Fire

Starting a fire is a surefire way to get attention from rescuers and anyone else that may be around. Start a fire and throw in some green leaves on top to produce lots of smoke.

Make Lots of Noise

Whether you’re a hiking newbie or someone with lots of experience, everyone should take a whistle with them just in case you lose your way and need to be found.

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