Attaching Aarn Universal Balance Bag to Traditional Backpack

Last week, one of the co-directors of Aarn Design in New Zealand, Devi Benson, visited our home in Salt Lake. The first evening, we had dinner guests, who naturally asked about Devi's life and work, which led to discussions about the products, and demonstrations of a couple of the models Genie and I have for our personal use. Well, Devi briefly explained about the scientific research that makes them absolutely unique when it comes to reducing much of the load on the back and shoulders. For myself, the easiest way of explaining it was simply to have our guests try on the packs and walk around for a bit. I can attest that they universally expressed the same thing I did when I first tried on an Aarn bodypack, which is that, almost unbelievably, there is almost no weight at all on the shoulders.

The following afternoon, Devi, Genie and I, loaded up our bodypacks and traveled to a couple of the nearby ski resorts, tromped around the lodges, and rode the tram to the top of Snowbird. You can imagine the curious looks we received from many of the skiiers, quite a few of whom approached and asked about our funny looking packs. Again, Devi would touch on some of the science and I would have the folks wear the packs for a bit, which elicited the same responses about how comfortable they were compared with any other packs they'd owned.

On Devi's final day with us, we made the video on attaching the UBB with the included clips onto a traditional backpack.


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