Backpacks Save Lives: Top Incidents

For many children and parents living in a developing world, seeing a health worker with a backpack on is a sign of safety, hope, and the promise of a healthy child.

As you pack and unpack your child's lightweight backpack for school this season, think about filling another backpack with life-saving essentials.

Here are the real-world incidents that prove the effectiveness of backpacks in saving lives:

1. Life-Saving Backpack In A New Jersey School

Schools and athletic events in 14 U.S states must have defibrillators stored in backpacks for people who might have a heart attack. This device can bring the heart back into a rhythm during a sudden cardiac arrest.

When an experienced football coach and her backpack helped save the life of a New Jersey girl, it was all worth it. Lynette Messina was the head football coach at Garfield High School. When Gabriela Koziol came on as a fresh football team member, things didn't go so well for her during her first practice session. The team members were running when Gabby fell due to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Lynette immediately fetched the backpack, took the portable defibrillator, and began CPR. The defibrillator gave Gabby's heart one shock, bringing her heart back into a normal rhythm.

Gabby woke up immediately, and her heartbeat and blood flow were back to normal. The backpack proved crucial in storing the defibrillator, allowing it to save the girl's life in an emergency.

2. Inflatable Backpack Saves A Snowboarder's Life In British Columbia

An inflatable backpack saved the life of a snowboarder in Whistler, British Columbia. The sensible snowboarder immediately pulled the backpack's trigger to inflate the backpack and avoid burying under the avalanche.

The avalanche swept him down the hillside, and the motor quickly pushed air into his bag. The inflated bag lifted him out of the snow, saving his life.

Inflatable backpacks prevent sinking in water or snow

3. The Bed Backpack

Simon, an electrician, had to live under a bridge for 3.5 years with no money because he had lost his job and home after an accident. He had lost his self-esteem and self-confidence. People didn't treat him like a person anymore.

When he was close to dying of hypothermia on the streets, a man gave him a bed backpack bed for sleep. The bed backpack came in very handy for him. It rolled out to make a bed. It had a built-in mattress, which was different from a sleeping bag.

A fire-resistant and waterproof fabric kept him dry and warm during sleep. Simon considers the bed backpack a life-saving and an emergency-relief gift that saved his life.

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