Travel Tips: How to Make Money On The Road?

There are many ways to save money on the road, such as hitchhiking—but trying to save money only makes the trip less fun. What if, instead of saving money, you could make money on the road? This article shares some of the easiest ways to make money when traveling. So put your ultralight hiking pants on and get ready for business!

Rent Your Home When You're Away

This is one of the easiest ways to earn a passive income while away. Of course, you can't rent your house the traditional way with all your belongings inside. The effort of temporarily moving everything is too much, which is why no one even thinks of this.

You can get around this by putting your house on a vacation rental app. You'll only rent your house to each tenant for a few days and with all your furniture. You'll have to leave someone in charge to manage the house, and you may have to pay them. However, you can make way more money this way than you would by renting the house the traditional way.

Rent Your Car When You're Out Of Town

You probably won't take your car on a hike to another state or country. Like your house, your car is a value-generating asset that's just sitting there while you're away. Same as vacation rental apps, some companies allow individuals to rent their cars to others.

You can rent a car in the new city and break even with this money. You can also use this money to buy collectibles or save them for when you're back.

 Person carrying an ultralight pack on a hike

Collect Cool Stuff and Resell At Other Places

Talking of collectibles, you can make good money by trading on the road. Travelling to different towns and cities, you can collect cool stuff from one place and resell it for profit somewhere else. You'll need ultralight backpacking gear for this; it can be different to carry things for reselling along with your belongings. Balanced day bags that protect your posture can make a huge difference.

At Light Hiking Gear, we have a collection of ultralight packs designed to maximize your comfort. Aarn bodypacks are designed with your anatomy in mind and our balanced day packs are available in various sizes.

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