Photo Balance Bags

Combining Photo Balance Pockets with an Aarn day pack or backpack solves the frustrations of current camera bags. Camera backpacks need to be taken off to access camera gear and cause forward lean. Front camera cases hanging via a strap around your neck cause neck discomfort. Photo Balance Pockets are balance bags that work with Aarn's best daypack for travel. The balance bags give the same instant camera access of front cases without the neck strain. They put all the camera weight on the front of the hipbelt, also eliminating back and shoulder strain; they don’t restrict vision of your feet; they are very stable; their waterproof liners keep your camera gear dry and items can be removed while still in the liners in wet conditions. They turn an ordinary bag into the best daypack for travel and hiking. Photo balance bag pockets also convert to a stand alone front pack or a backpack. Photographers love these balance bags. Non-photographers who like more compartments for gear organization enjoy these Pockets. Order then for your day pack or backpack today!
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