Posture is especially important in children while the spine is still growing. HabAarn uprightits formed here will affect them for the rest of their life. Back pain is now chronic in the West and originates in poor posture. Children now carry heavy loads of textbooks in school backpacks. Consequently, backpack related injury in school children has become very common and is subject to worldwide research. The only solution proposed has been to reduce the weight in the backpack but none to address the cause — the offset load — that creates the unbalanced loading on the spine. Our new Flow-Mo Friend daypack + Posture Perfect Balance Bag is a lightweight, waterproof backpack that balances the weight of your pack on your back, with the weight of your books and drink on the front. Heavy school loads now serve to strengthen the back as it grows rather than weaken it, as no leverages are created on the back. The backpack can be used as a waterproof travel day bag, too, for vacations and school outings. A slim front profile allows good forward visibility in an urban environment. Our new Back Saver provides another healthy solution for children and adults. Load is balanced at each side in a twin saddlebag concept. Back Saver converts to 2 bike panniers providing an excellent load carrying solution for school, commuting, cycling and travel. You can order this travel day bag and backpack in our online store today.