Aarn Effortless Rhythm 66-72 Liter Backpack - Light Hiking Gear

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The Aarn Effortless Rhythm lightweight "balance pack" is a twin compartment, streamlined hiking and climbing pack that will easily hold a week's gear. The is the best hiking backpack for long and arduous journeys, it’s ability to comfortably hold high, heavy volumes makes it perfect for longer backpacking adventures. FEATURES...
  • Short (66 Liters)
  • Long (72 Liters)
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Sport/Regular (12 Liters)
  • Expedition/Regular (15 Liters)
  • Expedition/Large (18 Liters)
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The Aarn Effortless Rhythm lightweight "balance pack" is a twin compartment, streamlined hiking and climbing pack that will easily hold a week's gear. The is the best hiking backpack for long and arduous journeys, it’s ability to comfortably hold high, heavy volumes makes it perfect for longer backpacking adventures.

Aarn Effortless Rhythm Hiking Backpack with Balance Bags

Kevin Loe - John Muir Trail - 2017


The sophisticated frame of this lightweight daypack is designed to comfortably transfer heavy loads to the hips while allowing for free hip and shoulder movement. The top and bottom compartments have roll closures and their own waterproof liners, making it the best hiking backpack for maximum comfort and mobility. Add Balance Pockets for efficient, pain-free travelling and increased capacity.

  • The waterproof main compartment has a roll down top, which closes with both hook and loop, and a snap fastener.
  • The design of the Effortless Rhythm bag features two waterproof Dri-liners, two organizational compartments, two backlengths with a 5.5 inch torso adjustment.
  • Sitting atop the main pack is a lid pouch that contains two zippered compartments.
  • At the bottom is a separately-accessed waterproof compartment, ideal for keeping wet clothing separated from items in the main pack, or for easy access to sleeping gear, etc..
  • At the rear of the pack is another compartment that is hydration compatible or is often used for rain gear, jackets, climbing ropes, etc., the outside of which has hydro shock cord for tightening the pouch, or for securing other gear.
  • Affixed to the sides of the main pack are tabs to which our optional Lasso Lock Straps can be attached for holding additional gear.
  • Also has strap and loop attachments for ice axes, trekking poles, caritools, and ice clippers.
  • We recommend using front Expedition Balance Pockets, which provide greater stability and balance, and a more upright posture. This translates to much less fatigue and strain. Shoulder and sternum straps are included for converting the pockets into a daypack, which is carried on the front of the body for maximum security and accessibility. Front pockets have waterproof Dri-liners, accessible zip flaps to protect items from the rain, and four mesh exterior pockets with compression cords.
  • True-fit shoulder straps and flow-thru stabilizers make it feel like the lightest backpack and a pelvic-form hipbelt helps for balancing the weight of the bag.
  • Accessible zip flaps to protect items from the rain.

The Effortless Rhythm bag is compatible with attachments for ice axes, trekking poles (front and rear), crampons, helmet, snowboard, snow shovel, carritools/ice clippers, making it the most versatile and best hiking daypack for all occasions.

Add Balance Gear Racks (see Options tab) to this comfortable backpack to take the weight of climbing hardware off your shoulders when climbing. The new generation 4 model has a revised frame which is lighter & stronger and an improved Multi-Flow pivot position for an easier-to-use hipbelt.


Short Backlength 17.4

Pack: 66

Long Backlength 19

Pack: 72

Short Backlength

Height: 26.8 Width: 16.5

Depth (front-back): 9.8

Height: 68 Width: 42

Depth (front-back): 25

Long Backlength

Height: 30.7 Width: 16.5

Depth (front-back): 9.8

Height: 72 Width: 42

Depth (front-back): 25

with/without dry liners

with/without dry liners


with/without dry liners

Short Backlength Pack: 4.12 / 3.9 Pack: 1.87 / 1.77
Long Backlength 4.34 / 4.12 1.97 / 1.87

Recommended Maximum Load (Pack only): 49 pounds (22 kg)


    Front Balance Pockets allow for high weights without feeling intrusive

    The Front Balance Pockets attach easily to Light Hiking Gear’s comfortable backpacks and convert easily into a daypack after clipping on the shoulder and sternum straps. Hiking, backpacking, and exploring the outdoors has never been easier!

      • The 15 liter or 18 liter Expedition Balance Pockets provide greater sta bility and balance, and a more upright posture. This translates to much less fatigue and strain.
      • Shoulder and sternum straps are included for converting the pockets into a daypack, which is carried on the front of the body for maximum security and easy gear access.
      • Front pockets have waterproof Dri-liners, accessible zip flaps to protect items from the rain, and four mesh exterior pockets with compression cords.
      • The design of the Front Balance Pockets, which includes four mesh exterior pockets with compression chords, is to provide maximum comfort, organization, and accessibility. Attach to the Aarn "Balance Pack" for an unmatched outdoors experience.
        • Material: 00D Kodura, 210D, 100D x 70D & 40D ripstop nylon
        • Color: Green/Grey
      Expedition Balance Pockets: Large volume handles heavy loads up front

      Front view of Aarn Expedition Front Balance Pockets


      Design drawing of Effortless Rhythm backpack
      Design of Flow-Thru shoulder straps on Aarn Effortless Rhythm Backpack
      Design of Pelvic Form Hipbelt on Aarn Effortless Rhythm Backpack


      The Effortless Rhythm comfortable backpack is designed with lightweight, water-resistant, and durable fabric and materials, making it perfect for any outdoor adventure.

      • Material: Tough 500D Kodura nylon; 210D, 40D ripstop nylon
      • Color: Green/Grey

      The construction allows for compatibility with all body types and fits comfortably by balancing out weight with purposeful structures.

      • U, Multi & Flexi Flow
      • Auto-mold frame with hollow 6001 T6 stays and 7075 T6 alloy Load Transfer Tubes
      • Web-loc compression


      (Click on Buttons to Evaluate and Purchase)

      These allow you to clip climbing hardware on the larger models with Pelvic Form Hipbelts.

      Alternative to sternum straps when Balance Pockets are not used.

      Hold tent, poles, foam pad, etc. on pack sides.

      Allow ski attachment on sides and lock skis to prevent movement


      " I broke my back some years ago (T7 and T8) and have problems now carrying weight for any length of time. I get a real pain like a knife stabbing me between the shoulder blades. But, not when using your Bodypack design!"

      Julian Daly, Nelson NZ

      Absolutely the most comfortable pack for my shoulders and neck that I have ever had in 25 years of tramping.’

      Meg Kilvington, Christchurch, NZ

      "Effortless Rhythm with its two frames could have been designed for me personally. Many years ago I had a small accident involving a bomb as a result I have less muscle mass on one side of my back than on the other. Being able to customise the frames separately means it is the first pack that really fits like a glove."

      Hamish Alkman, Limoges, France

      I had no aches or pains in shoulders or hips despite unfamiliarity with carrying a heavy load. The pack moved with me and didn’t prevent or hinder natural body movement. The precision shaping of the hipbelt made it so comfortable. The Balance Pockets worked well to balance the weight distribution. A very impressive performance, certainly the best pack I have used. I am selling my highly-rated NZ backpack so I can purchase an Aarn Bodypack.

      Paul Moreham, Christchurch, NZ

      I used Effortless Rhythm on the Copeland Pass crossing. This is really quite amazing. I was able to walk with it for 3 days and remove it at the end without a single sore spot or any indication that I’d been wearing a pack at all."

      Julian Maclaren, Christchurch, NZ.

      "For the past 7 years I've worked as a guide and national park ranger on the Overland Track in Tasmania. I walk literally thousands of kilometers carrying heavy packs every year as part of my jobs and have used and have trialed a wide range of different pack makes and models. I've just returned from an eight-day ranger shift trialing Effortless Rhythm with Balance Pockets and Pacerpoles. Both the pack and poles have far, far surpassed my expectations. I was carrying around 30kg for the first couple of the days and was truly impressed by the comfort and freedom of movement allowed by the pack - the Effortless Rhythm is aptly named! The Balance Pockets are an excellent innovation, of which I was skeptical to begin with. Initially I found the pack slightly awkward to put on with these full, but soon got used to it and found the benefits far outweighed any slight inconvenience. Having the weight central to the body meant the pack felt like it was part of your body, walking as if I wasn't carrying any weight at all, and were great for balance. The Pockets also meant that I could have all my essentials and equipment close at hand and could do so much more on the move. With the weight in the pack neutral to the body even with large weights I found I conserved so much more energy and there was much less strain on my body. I have not tried found or used any other pack that could match this. The design of the poles was similarly impressive. Walking using poles with hands in a neutral position is excellent. My hands stayed comfortable after using the poles all week and they were far more energy efficient than other poles I have used.

      From the first day all I could do was rave and I have had many people over the week, both guides and other walkers, express interest in both the pack and poles. I can't recommend this equipment highly enough and it would be a privilege to trial and recommend you equipment to clients and other walkers."

      Nick Tyson, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania

      " I initially purchased the Sport Balance Pockets, but once I had seen the attention to detail and quality build I was convinced to put aside my 'leading name brand' pack and move to an Aarn Bodypack. I purchased the Effortless Rhythm to complete the system. The first impression was that this system is designed by people who had spent a lot of time thinking about carrying loads. The pack is a clean highly functional design with everything knitting together to make a complete highly efficient system. All other packs you may haul on your back, but this one you wear like a coat it is so comfortable. This system is the only one that I have found that truly allows you to get a 'perfect fit'. When wearing the body pack I was outright amazed to have no pain in the shoulders, back, or hips even after hours of hard tramping. Couple this with a huge increase in walking efficiency and the advantages of this system really come into their own. I have been tramping for over 30 years, carrying loads around 35 - 40kgs at times. I have been involved in Search and Rescue and have tried a wide range of different gear. Nothing at all that I have seen, tried, or owned previously comes anywhere close to the quality, design, and outstanding common sense system that Aarn delivers."

      George Turner. Nelson, New Zealand

      Auyuittuq Pass Expedition, Baffin Island

      " Despite all my efforts to minimize pack weight, my old pack was over 30 kg. You can’t say it was pleasant to carry; initially all our sacs were far too heavy to lift onto our backs alone, so we always stopped by rocks where we could sit and slide out of our sacs. I became more and more converted by my low-loader, front Balance Pockets and all (nicknamed ’Boobs’). Canadians are so traditional, I endured endless grief about my odd sac, but occasionally with the sun to the side I would glance at our shadows and sure enough there was a bunch of hikers hunched forward under their loads except for one short guy who seemed to be standing upright... Smugly I remembered my 20% energy saved! When I first tried the Effortless Rhythm I was not sure how much difference it would make, but swapping back to a traditional sac (I carried a few peoples’ sacs across a few rivers) it was instantly obvious that the Aarn’s claim about posture was correct. In addition, the load was kept very low and compact, great for crossing moraine and rivers and definitely the most stable sac on the trip."

      Tom Sibbald, Windermere, UK






      Sore Shoulders

      Pull back force on shoulders from weight behind

      Add Balance Pockets, or if using them, put more weight in them and loosen front shoulder strap webs

      Too much weight on shoulders

      Loosen front shoulder strap webs

      Hipbelt has slipped down

      Raise hipbelt & retighten &/or shorten

      Balance Pockets are pulling down on bottom of shoulder pads

      Increase back length: Pull up on navy top back panel web

      Bodypack is too hard to put on

      Incorrect technique used

      1. Loosen hipbelt webs before putting the bodypack on for the first time.

      2. Follow this sequence: Place hands underneath Balance Pockets; grab hold of hipbelt center buckles, lift both Pockets & hipbelt up to the right height; clip center buckle together & tighten the tension web loop at top and bottom to get an even pressure at the top and bottom of the hipbelt

      3. When taking the pack off, before releasing the hipbelt center buckle, loosen the side buckles. With familiarity, you can release the 2 tensionlock buckles on each side with each hand simultaneously, by pulling the buckle ends up. Now you have set the pack up to be easy and quick to put on next time

      You’re having issues with making adjustments

      Substitute Universal Balance Bags for Balance Pockets. These quickly and easily attach after you have put the pack on

      Pack leans to one side

      Your pack will lean to one side, like any brand of pack, if you have the shoulder straps and/or hipbelt adjusted unequally on both sides, or you have loaded the pack unevenly.

      First check that the top stabilizer straps are equal length and the front shoulder strap webs are also equal length. Now check that the hipbelt parts are adjusted to equal length and angle on both sides of the center base plate and the side tension adjustors (cord or web) are of equal length both sides. Now with all these adjustments made, check that the hipbelt ends are sitting at a similar position on each side of your pelvis with the pack on. Finally, check that your U-Flow movement (the movement when you lift one shoulder), is equal on both sides. With everything centered, including the load, there should be no reason for your pack to lean to one side.




      Aarn | Light Hiking Gear

      Pack Backlength (Capacity): 

      Short (66 Liters), Long (72 Liters)

      Hipbelt Size: 

      Small, Medium, Large

      Front Balance Pockets (Capacity): 

      Sport/Regular (12 Liters), Expedition/Regular (15 Liters), Expedition/Large (18 Liters)




      5.43 lb


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      Effortless Rhythm 66-72 Liter Backpack - Light Hiking Gear

      Aarn Effortless Rhythm 66-72 Liter Backpack - Light Hiking Gear

      $ 329.95 $ 0.00( / )

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