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Aarn Pelvic Form Hipbelt - Light Hiking Gear
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Aarn Pelvic Form Hipbelt - Light Hiking Gear Aarn Pelvic Form Hipbelt Diagram - Light Hiking Gear

Pelvic-Form Hipbelts for Aarn Hiking Backpacks - Light Hiking Gear

$ 69.95

Product Description

These are used  on the large capacity packs. While the pelvis is a great load carrying structure, the hipbelt must be exceptional in design to take heavier weights without causing bruising over your hipbones or pressure on your hip sockets. Our large hipbelts are the result of many years of evolutionary development and refinement.


Our Pelvic-Form hipbelts come in 3 sizes to cover the whole range of pelvis sizes. Each has three parts, a central base and two ends. The 3 parts join together with velcro. You can micro-adjust the overall hipbelt curvature and the length by changing the velcro overlap.


Our Pelvic-Form hipbelts have separate top and bottom tensioning webs to the center buckle to distribute the load over the widest area. In addition, they use a 2:1 pulley system to allow easy tightening with heavier loads. The tensioning webs connect to top and bottom adjustment buckles via one webbing loop, forming the same easy to grab handle to tension the hipbelt. By adjusting the relative tightness of the top and bottom webs you can mold the hipbelt ends precisely to your hip shape.