3 Tips to Travel Smarter and Longer

When hiking, you have to carry everything by yourself. From balanced day bags to lung health, here are three tips for traveling smarter and longer on a hike. Follow these to have a memorable experience on every trip!

Train Your Lung Function Before the Hike

On a hike, your body needs to burn significantly more calories than you're used to. You're carrying a backpack and going uphill against the gravity, both of which add to the calories you need per second.

Your body needs oxygen to burn calories and sustainability. It can make energy without oxygen from glucose through anaerobic respiration. But that produces lactic acid as a byproduct. If your body can't get rid of lactic acid as fast as your muscles are making it, you reach a limit and can't go any further without rest.

Aerobic exercise increases your lung function and allows you to burn more calories aerobically. You can walk for longer without any discomfort.

Get a Lightweight Backpack

Many beginners make the mistake of carrying too much on their hikes: it ruins the experience. Every extra kg of weight you have to carry adds to the energy you need to travel. We recommend only carrying the things you need and discarding everything else.

Getting a lightweight backpack designed explicitly for hiking can significantly improve the energy requirements of a hike. On our website, you can find other lightweight accessories to improve your hiking experience. What is more important on a hike than the joy of being one with nature?

Carry Hiking Equipment in a Body-Friendly Way

We can never stress this tip enough. Our bodies are designed from head to toe to carry weight in a certain balance. When you strap a heavy bag to your back, it shifts your body's natural center of gravity to the back. To balance it, you must lean forward in an unnatural posture. This can put unnecessary strain on your body, cause back and knee pain, and ruin your hike.

Person exploring a lake while carrying a waterproof daypack

This is why we have a vast collection of balanced day bags in our online store. Balanced day bags have two compartments, one for your back and one for your front. If you put the right weights in both compartments, your center of gravity stays the same, and you can walk in your natural posture.

Light Hiking Gear is the very face of comfortable hiking backpacks in the US and Canada. Our ultralight packs perfectly balance your center of gravity and give you a natural posture.

Want to hike the smart way? Visit our website and buy a hiking backpack online.


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