4 Tips for Pregnant Women Who Want to Go Hiking

Hiking is great for developing strength and cardiovascular health. However, it isn't only a way to stay healthy and fit, but it does wonders for your mental health, too.

When you're pregnant, you may want a change of scenery. Hiking's the perfect weekend getaway. You can completely transform your whole mood while being outside and enjoying nature with your partner or your friends. However, there are some necessary precautions you may have to take when hiking while pregnant. Here are a few tips:

Consult Your Doctor

Don't take any risks — consult your doctor ASAP. If you're a regular hiker, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. However, if it's your first time or facing some complications, hiking may not be advisable for you. Clear everything out with your doctor before — especially if you plan on going somewhere, that's got an elevated or bumpy terrain.

Check the Terrain

Carrying a little bit of extra baby weight can easily throw off your center of gravity. Stick to easy trails that have less of a technical terrain. Carve a defined and easy path so that there's less chance of your tripping and injuring yourself or the baby.

It's also a good idea to consider the altitude before you embark on your hike. Since there's less oxygen at higher elevations, it may lead to complications. Research shows low oxygen can negatively impact your baby's health, so it's safer to stick to lower heights. Lack of oxygen can also cause dizziness. The NHS advises that you should be able to maintain a conversation while exercising when pregnant, so make sure you're not too out of breath.

: A woman with two children hiking in front of a lake and mountains

Snack As You Go

To keep your blood sugar levels even, you'll need to snack. Bring along some nutrient and calorie-dense snacks such as dry fruits, nuts, seeds, protein and granola bars on your adventure. Keep snacking on the regular to make sure you have enough energy to carry on. If, at any point, you feel as if you don't, don't push yourself. Listen to your body, so don't beat yourself up if you can't complete a hike that you would've otherwise normally completed.

Invest in Proper Hiking Gear

Wearing the right shoes is essential for support during a hole. Get some hiking poles to help improve your balance and decrease the impact on your knees. It'll support you as you go up and help balance and steady your descent. To prevent backaches and sore shoulders, invest in an ultralight backpack. They're comfortable, easy to use, and help you shed a lot of weight off your shoulders, especially when pregnant.

The best backpacking bags and gear for pregnant women are ultra-light that's easy to carry around. At Light Hiking Gear, we've got comfortable and durable hiking backpacks and gear. Invest in our day backpacks or our lightweight bags for a stress-free and healthy hike.

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