5 Best Spots for Spring Hiking in the U.S.

As the toasty and serene spring weather envelops us in its delightful embrace, it's the perfect time to ditch your urban surroundings and head to the blissful countryside!

Spring has finally sprung, and we're not the only ones gearing up for an exotic hike along some of the most refreshing trails and footpaths across the U.S.

As one of the most popular springtime activities across the globe, hiking is the perfect treat for adventure lovers and aesthetes. Whether you're seeking a taste of exhilaration and thrill or simply want to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, a hike will leave you feeling reinvigorated and restored.

We've rounded up five of the most stunning spots for spring hiking across the U.S. to help you get started!

1. Upper Yosemite Falls, California

Serene. Enchanting. Rejuvenating.

Head to Upper Yosemite Falls in California to treat yourself to a blissful hike along lush trails that'll leave you questioning why it took you so long to embark on this breathtaking adventure.

The 7.2-mile trek offers spectacular 360-degree views of the beautiful landscape and Yosemite National Park's signature waterfalls. Whether you opt for a brisk hike or a rigorous full-day trek, you're in for a multisensory treat that recharges your soul, body, and mind.

The trail is divided into three sections—the upper, middle, and lower falls. For a slow-paced adventure, opt for the lower trail. If you're ready to embark on a thrilling adventure that offers rewarding views like no other, opt for the upper falls.

We also recommend packing a lightweight hiking daypack that fits all your belongings and treats while keeping you comfortable and enhancing mobility. Our Hydra Light 12 Liters daypack molds itself to the contours of the body, thereby allowing harmonious movement that helps you execute your hike seamlessly.

With comfortable chest straps and external pockets, you'll be in for a breezy adventure!

2. Wapsipinicon State Park, Iowa

Wapsipinicon State Park

Known for its swoon-worthy hiking trails, Wapsipinicon State Park is the ultimate treat for adventure lovers. The serene 1.4-mile trail offers a range of caves that are open for exploration.

With dreamy streams and friendly deer, the park is also an ideal retreat for children!

Whether you plan on heading off for a solo hike or want to indulge in some much-needed family time, Wapsipinicon State Park will help you unwind and soak in the exuberance of nature.

Our Little Llama 20 Liters hiking daypack is ideal for the exhilarating Iowa adventure. Its fully-ventilated and suspended-mesh material will keep you cool and dry while easily fitting essentials.

3. Maroon Lake Scenic Trail, Colorado

Colorado’s calling!

Maroon Lake Scenic Trail

The city's ultra-luxurious Maroon Lake Scenic Trail is truly a sight for sore eyes. Ideal for a springtime hike, the trail will take you along some of the most dazzling lakes and streams in Colorado. As one of the most popular hiking spots across America, Maroon Lake Scenic Trail attracts a wide range of locals and tourists vying to get a glimpse of its exotic views.

Take a Polaroid along to capture the fruity blossoming wildflowers and mountain goats. With peaks that stand at 14,000 feet, you'll have the hiking experience you've always dreamed of.

If you plan on embarking on a rigorous hike, don't forget to take a multi-purpose and high-performance daypack along to carry your hiking gear with ease.

Our Natural Exhilaration 30–33 Liters daypack is ideal for rigorous hikes. By offering unparalleled agility with glue-like stability, it will automatically shape to your body's bends and curves.

4. Angels Landing, Utah

Think idyllic serenity, and your cerebellum automatically conjures up a mental image of Angel's Landing.

With majestic views of the Zion Canyon, Angel's Landing offers a 5-mile trail that ascends 1,488 feet. The stunning trail welcomes hikers with diverse skill levels.

Whether you're a beginner embarking on your first hike or a seasoned hiker who's gearing up to tackle their 38th terrain, Utah's expert trails will offer you an exquisite and customized experience that fits your preferences like a glove.

Upon reaching the pinnacle, you'll be rewarded with a dynamic view of the deep canyon's grandeur. Browse through our handy guide to decide which daypack will fit your personalized hiking needs!

5. Cascade Mountain, New York

Feeling nostalgic? Head to Cascade Mountain in New York for a gulp of retro views and glamorous terrain that makes you second guess the era you're living in.

The stunning trail is a far cry from the contemporary and boisterous landscape of urban life. With enchanting views of seemingly endless mountains, you'll fall in love with the countryside.

Make the most of your hike by going solo and reconnecting with yourself amid the tranquil landscape. The moderate terrain will take approximately two hours to complete, thereby helping you take multiple breaks without losing track of time. With plenty of starry sights along the way, you'll have the perfect springtime hiking adventure.

Kick-start your dreamy hike by checking out our wide range of comfortable daypacks for hiking. Ideal for men and women, our lightweight packs come in a variety of sizes to help you finalize the perfect pick for your custom needs.

Whether you need a multifunctional and waterproof backpack for a long hike or an ultralight backpack for an easy trail that entails minimum effort and maximum fun, we've got you covered with science-smart options.

Make the most of our ongoing sale to secure an affordable backpack that helps you kick off the spring festivities in style and with functionality intact!


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