5 Epic Outdoor Adventure Backpacking Trips for Beginners

While nobody hates staying in and recharging while watching their favorite guilty pleasure, there's something about hitting the serene skies and lush green trails of the countryside that whets the visual appetite like nothing else can.

Whether you're seeking a taste of endless serenity or need a thrilling outdoor excursion to recharge your senses, a backpacking trip is the ideal way to make the most of the enchanting beauty nature has to offer!

With spring in full swing, it's time to pack your bags and head off to the exotic American trails to satiate your thirst for an exhilarating adventure.

We've rounded up five of the most exciting and picturesque outdoor backpacking trips to help you get started! Ideal for beginners, these tranquil trails will help you have a blissful and thrilling hiking experience without feeling overwhelmed.

Read on!

1. The John Muir Trail in California

The stunning John Muir trail is the ultimate treat for hikers who are seeking a fresh and reinvigorating experience. If you're a hiking newbie, you'll be taken aback by how effortless and rewarding the dynamic trail is.

John Muir Trail in California

Passing through three national parks—Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks—the swoon-worthy trail offers luxurious streams and an exquisite view of the pristine countryside. Make the most of the beauty of the John Muir trail by soaking in the glory of Mount Whitney.

2. Kesugi Ridge in Alaska

Located in the Denali State Park, the Kesugi Ridge trail offers gorgeous panoramas of the Alaska Mountains. With a thrilling sight of Mount McKinley—America's tallest mountain—to top things off, you'll wonder why it took you so long to plan a backpacking trip!

Research the route extensively to ensure you have a seamless adventure. We also recommend taking along a spacious body-friendly backpack that helps you pack your essentials without overwhelming you.

3. The Teton Crest Trail in Wyoming

Wyoming’s calling! The mesmerizing Teton Crest Trail is a sight for sore eyes. With luxurious vistas and a plentiful view of the local wildlife, the serene trail is ideal for adventurous backpackers looking for a thrilling and diverse experience.

Teton Crest Trail in Wyoming

The trail passes through the Death Canyon Shelf and extends across the sweet and serene meadows of Alaska Basin.

The flower meadows will take you aback with their glorious beauty and heady scent that stretches across the Teton Crest Trail. Make the most of your backpacking trip by taking a Polaroid so you can capture memories along the way!

4. The Appalachian Trail From Georgia to Maine

The Appalachian Trail offers a luxurious terrain with rocky mountaintops and serenity that stretches miles. With over 250 sleeping shelters, you'll get by without packing a tent.

The trail also offers a ton of hostels, restaurants, and shuttle services to ensure hikers have the time of their lives!

5. The Highline Trail in Utah

While Utah's tranquil Highline trail isn't as frequently traveled as the previous four, it still offers breathtaking beauty that's bound to tantalize your senses and leave you renewed. With stunning views of high mountains, dynamic wildlife, and pine forests, you'll have the perfect backpacking experience.

For an added touch of comfort, functionality, and mobility, pack a durable and waterproof bag that helps you take in the breathtaking beauty without feeling overwhelmed and fatigued.

We offer a wide range of UltraLite Packs and DayLite Packs ideal for backpacking newbies. If you're embarking on a challenging hike with seasoned backpackers, we recommend checking out our spacious and heavy-duty StrongLite Packs.

We also offer a wide range of backpacking accessories to ensure you're equipped with multi-functional hiking essentials.


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