How to Select the Best Backpack

Selecting the right backpack is the most important part of the preparation for any backpacking trip. The backpack has to fit your requirements. One that is too large can give a lot of extra weight, while a smaller one can make fitting in everything a very arduous task. Besides the size, picking a backpack made out of faulty material can make it unsuitable for when it rains. The plethora of options present in the market aggravate the situation even further, as it is very difficult to select the one which can be best for you.

Researching about the backpack that is best for your needs can turn out to be a very difficult task. Thus, we have compiled a list of points that you should follow in selecting the best backpack.

The most outstanding backpacks- the ones that outlast the others- have the following set of characteristics. So, while you’re out looking for the perfect backpack, make sure your final choice is as close as possible to what is mentioned below.

Woman on shoeshoes wearing Aarn pack

Material that is water resistant

Do you want to save yourself from the hassle of having everything within your backpack soaked in the slightest of the drizzles? Then, make sure that you go for a backpack that is made of water resistant material. You can’t just take any bag that you have lying around your house – that is just a recipe for disaster.

Must have multiple compartments

A backpack with multiple compartments in it is never going to let you down. Once you have checked the material, you can go on to seeing whether the lightweight backpack has multiple compartments. The advantage of multiple compartments is that when on a trip, you can distribute your items into different compartments so that nothing gets jumbled up. Furthermore, finding stuff in a hurry is also a hassle free task in a backpack with multiple compartments.

The backpack should be proportional to your build

When it comes to size, no size is the best size for a backpack. The perfection of the size of a backpack depends on how proportional it is to your body. Thus, while selecting the backpack make sure that you buy one which sits well on your body.

The backpack must have a padded hip belt

If you have encountered the problem of having a loaded backpack on without a padded help belt, you would agree that the addition is as important as anything else. Padded hip belts distribute the weight of the backpack evenly across your back, so that you can maneuver around tough trails without the threat of your back crackling under the pressure. Furthermore, the padded hip belt can save you from the awkwardness of your backpack continuously hitting your backside.

Looking for a backpack with all of the features mentioned above can take a bit of time, but the end product is completely worth it. If you want to save your time (who doesn’t want to) and get a backpack that matches with your needs while simultaneously impressing everyone, then you can check out the exemplary portfolio at Light Hiking Gear.


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