5 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Hiking Boots for Your Next Trip!

Proper footwear is essential for any hiking trip. It protects your feet from getting injured and offers good support while navigating difficult terrains. Hiking boots are often the first choice for backpackers as the perfect footwear.

However, many pro-hikers are ditching there hiking boots for running shoes these days. The trend of hiking in light trail running shoes has been further supported by the continuous development of better and more functional running shoes.

Here are the top reasons why you should choose trail running shoes over traditional hiking boots:

Weight on the Feet Can Be Costly

An essential rule of backpacking is to make sure you are carrying a little weight on the trails as possible. The more weight you will carry, the more energy you will utilize. Carrying around too much weight will also cause you to get exhausted and fatigued before you have completed the trek.

Weight on the feet expands more energy than the weight on your back, so lightweight footwear is crucial for an enjoyable hike. Boots are often heavier than running shoes. Switching to lighter running shoes is the same as getting rid of double that weight from your back!

Blisters Are the Worst

Nothing ruins a hiking experience faster than some painful blisters. Boots often have rigid, hard soles that don’t flex with your feet. The lack of flexibility prevents your feet from being able to breathe and causes excess sweat. As a result, your skin becomes more vulnerable to blisters. Even a well wrong pair of boots that has been broken into can cause blisters over long hikes. Running shoes allow air to reach your feet and prevents them from getting too sweaty and prone to blistering.

The Term Waterproof Can Be Misleading

waterproof treatment on most boots is not permanent

When boot companies claim that their product is waterproof, that doesn’t exactly mean that they will keep your feet dry. Your feet will still sweat inside the boots, rain can still run down your legs and into the boots, and if you run into a puddle, the water will seep inside from the tops. Additionally, the waterproof treatment on most boots is not permanent and must be refreshed after a while.

Ankle Support Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

One of the key phrases used by boot companies to sell their products is ankle support. Ankle injuries are one of the most common fears among backpackers, which propels them to buy products that come with ankle support. However, research suggests that the best way to prevent ankle injuries is strengthening exercises and ankle stretches before hiking. Boots with ankle support can actually make your footwork clumsier, increasing the chances of injuries on the trail.

Boots Are High Maintenance

Good quality boots are not only quite expensive, but they are also very high-maintenance. They require time to break in and need to be well-maintained and stored properly to keep their shape and form. On the other hand, running shoes are a lightweight and cost-effective alternative that doesn’t require a lot of care and can be put on straight out of the box!

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