5 Things Every Female Adventurer Should Keep with Her

There’s nothing more incredible than a woman taking control of her life and doing things for herself, whether she’s choosing to go after her dream job, raising an army of kids or chasing her dreams out on the open road, adventure after adventure.

If you’re a female adventurer who loves nothing more than hiking through challenging trails, trekking up and across mountains and canyons, exploring forests or swimming through creeks, you need to be prepared.

To make your adventures fun, comfortable and leave you with a sense of security and preparedness, make sure you always have the right supplies and gear on you. You can find a comfortable hiking backpack for sale on our website, and ultralight hiking gear that’s perfect for anything you set out to do.

Some things that you must always carry are:

1. Change of clothes

Even if you keep spare tank tops and yoga pants, you should be prepared for minor emergencies. Keep a change of clothes if you’re headed out for a longer trip, but if it isn’t possible, pack a detergent bar or dryer sheets to keep things fresh. It helps to have spare clothing but that isn’t always possible, so it’s best to be prepared.

Always wear comfortable, absorbent underwear, sports bras and athletic wear that allows you to move and stay comfortable. Depending on the weather, layer up to keep yourself safe.

2. Cash

hirker with backpack

You need to have cash on you even if you’re in the middle of the jungle. You never know when you might need something; from food to souvenirs, pit-stop, someone else being short on money, the need can arise any time. Don’t put it all in one place, though. Split it between your main bag, socks, jacket or anywhere else it’s safe.

3. Backup cell phone/walkie-talkie

If you’ll be out of cell phone coverage, you should have a spare communication device that allows you to reach out for help. A fully charged cell phone and a power bank to charge it later are also important. Apart from emergency use, you’ll need it for photographs too.

4. Emergency and safety essentials

Flares, first-aid supplies, a knife for protection are all some of the things you should keep handy. Anything can go wrong, from injuries to getting lost. These are the things that can help you get help, especially if you’re by yourself.

5. Menstrual hygiene and personal grooming products

You need a strong sunscreen, deodorant, dry shampoo and other toiletries for when you go on a longer trip and want to look and feel fresh. Pack a toothbrush and some toothpaste. And of course, you need to carry menstrual hygiene products like pads, tampons or menstrual cups. We’d highly recommend the last option, because not only are they eco-friendly, they’re super easy to use and allow you to carry on unperturbed.

Now that you know everything you need to keep, get packing and planning. Your next adventure awaits you, girl!


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