Backpacking Checklist: 10 Must Have's for Your Backpacking Trip This Summer

Being bit by the backpacking bug is no joke, but if you hit the trail often, you must have all the necessary equipment for fulfilling the dream of a quintessential outdoor adventure. Determining what to bring with you on the trip may be overwhelming as you're going to need your gear, water, food, and clothes, but those too shall be restricted to the bare minimum in terms of quantity to continue traveling light. The lighter you travel, the happier you'll be, saving your muscles from having to carry a weighted pack across the forest.

Must-Haves For Your Backpacking Trip

Here are ten essential items to carry whether you're heading out for a short-term or long-term backpacking trip.

1. Backpack

What's a backpacking trip without a backpack? This element is critical to allow you to organize yourself and carry your goods along.

2. Tent

It would be best if you had a tent to protect yourself from any external elements in the wilderness and for a peaceful night's sleep in the backcountry.

3. Kitchen supplies

You'll need a few cookware and utensils to cook or heat any food you've brought for the trip.

4. Stove and fuel

Whether you're eating prepackaged dehydrated meals or making gourmet dinners, you'll need a little bit of fire to heat it all.

5. Food

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that your pack in must be delicious, nutritious, and contain less salt. Always pack an extra meal in case the trip lasts longer than expected.

6. Water bottles and water treatment supplies

Given that there's only so much water you can carry, it's essential to invest in backcountry water treatment such as pumps, UV and chemical options, emergency straw, and gravity filters.

7. Trailing shoes

No arguing that this is a critical element for hiking; you won't be able to make it through rugged surfaces without the most comfortable trailing shoes or boots

8. Sleeping bed or pad

We don't think you'd want to experience a restless, cold night after spending all day trailing. You can opt for a sleeping pad to insulate your body from the cold outside.

9. Weather appropriate clothing

Although this is a matter of personal preference, people often stack clothing based on the expected weather conditions.

10. Hygiene supplies

You're going to need toilet papers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and body wipes as necessary hygiene items.

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