Easy Winter Hike Trails in USA

Who said you have to wait for spring for your first hike of the year? Hiking in the winter is a whole other experience! Being outdoors in the winter has its perks; the trails are crowd-free, there are fewer insects and of course there’s the gorgeous snow-topped scenery!

Whether you’re travelling through vast deserts covered in snow or hiking past glistening frozen waterfalls; winter hikes are always unforgettable experiences.

Thinking of exploring the outdoors this winter? Check out these easy winter hike trails in the USA:

Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs

The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is considered one of the most mesmerizing places to hike in in the winter.

The Garden of the Gods is a Natural National Landmark, surrounded by towering red-stone peaks. The trail is peaceful all year around but it’s even calmer in winter.

If you’re looking for a simple yet beautiful trail to gather your thoughts, the Garden of the Gods is for you!

White Clay Creek - Delaware and Pennsylvania

White Clay Creek - Delaware and Pennsylvania

Looking for a quick escape from the city? Head out to White Clay Creek. It’s an hour away from Philadelphia by car and an hour and half away from Delaware.

Although there are several trails in the park, the Penndel trail is the most stunning. It offers scenic views of the frozen lake surrounded by powdered trees and wood.

Hikers with stamina can walk across the vast meadows right into Delaware.

A.T. 'Velvet Rocks' Section - Hanover, N.H.

Generally, people walk the Appalachian Trail in the summer but there’s a stretch right at the beginning of the Vermont/New Hampshire border that makes for an excellent winter hike.

You’ll walk through massive fields and forests blanketed by soft, brilliantly white snow. Take in the view of the town by climbing the rocky ridge.

If you’re looking for a true winter adventure then hiking the Velvet Rocks is a must! Don’t forget to bring your snow shoes and trekking poles along!

Brockway Summit, North Lake Tahoe

Brockway Summit, North Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe in the winter is breathtaking, making it one of the most popular destinations for skiers.

The Brockway Summit is located close to Truckee Calif. Climb to the top of the summit, sit down and have some snacks while taking in the gorgeous views of the frozen lake.

Kanawha State Forest, W.V.

The Appalachian Forest has a 25 mile hiking trail. Some parts of the trail are easier to walk on than others but even new hikers shouldn’t have much difficulty.

The trail is less crowded in the winter with few hikers and barely any mountain bikers.

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