Essential Skills for Ultra-light Backpacking

Ultra-light backing isn't just for anyone. It's a feat taken on by experienced backpackers, who fully understand the importance of self-reliance and have some advanced skills. It demands less navigational, comfort and convenience items in your packs and some serious skills.

Naturally, the lighter you pack, the faster you'll hike. Here's a list of all the essential skills you'll require when you go ultra-light backpacking.

Planning Your Trip

Arguably, the most critical skill required for going ultra-light backpacking is detailed trip planning. It involves research and a good understanding of the weather conditions, trail routes, travel times, and logistical issues. You'll need to be able to identify water resupply points, hazardous plants, and wildlife, and you'll also need to be able to gauge your physical fitness levels.

If you're going with a group, you'll need to keep their limitations in mind, as well as understand contingency planning and risk management.

Food Preparation

The heaviest item in your backpack is likely to be food. Although you need food to survive, removing excess packaging can significantly reduce the weight of your backpack. You'll also need to know how to select food and snacks that are higher in calories and nutritional value so that you'll maintain your energy levels throughout your trip.

Basic Survival and Wilderness Skills

Survival skills, such as knowing how to start a campfire, are critical when going ultra-light backpacking. Knowing basic first aid and wilderness skills will allow you to optimize the resources you have at hand and compensate for the lack of gear. Knowing these skills is essential for when there's an emergency or when weather conditions change unpredictably. It'll ensure you have shelter.

Choosing Your Equipment

Choosing the proper equipment for going ultra-light backpacking is also an essential skill that requires a lot of planning and detail. The gear you already own may not satisfy your intended route requirements, so you'll probably need to invest in something more suited to ultra-light backpacking. You will also need to bring appropriate gear and clothing and know how to maintain and repair gear to lower risk levels.

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