Family Fun in the Sun: Outdoor Adventures to Try with Your Kids

It’s important to spend quality time with your kids and make sure they get a lifetime worth of adventures with you. Travel and adventure are some of the most valuable gifts a parent can give their child, exposing them to the wonder and beauty of the world.

It helps kids appreciate the wonders of the earth and see the beauty in places they’d never see otherwise. It teaches them to be kind, tolerant, patient and open to other cultures, lifestyles and people, and pushes them to try new things, do better, do more and be kind to animals too.

If you’re a parent that’s looking to bond with their kids in a unique way, giving them an arsenal of memories that helps them get through life, and experience the world in a new way as a family, travel. There are plenty of child and family-friendly activities you can do together!

Go camping together

Go camping together

Camping is a quintessential coming of age family activity that should be on your bucket list. Most kids don’t realize the value of being disconnected from technology, enjoying the peace and quiet of nature in a world where even toddlers have tablets and phones.

Venture out to campgrounds or set up a tent in a campsite or the great outdoors anywhere that’s safe. You’ll find plenty of campsites in your own state, or you can travel further out to do it. Roast s’mores by the campfire, tell stories, watch the night sky and enjoy the silence.

Hike through state parks and forests

Hiking is an easy enough activity that you can enjoy as a family. You don’t need to pick challenging trails and terrains and you’re likely to find dozens of child-friendly trails close to you too.

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Explore lush green forests and sport different habitats and animals. State parks often include different terrains including foliage, so they’re also always a great option. You can find a local park, or take a trip to famous ones like Yosemite and Yellowstone, spotting local flora and fauna on your trip and participating in tourist activities.

Trek across less populous beaches

Any family could go to the beach and bum around for hours while the parents relax and kids go wild; but for a truly memorable adventure, take your kids to one of these beaches. These secluded beaches are beautiful and empty, away from tourists and large crowds, often with unique marine life and land animals, additional geographical features like mountains and rocks that make for an adventure on their own.

No matter where you go, it’s important to focus on having fun together and enjoying your time as a family. It’s what matters the most, whether you’re driving down the freeway or swimming in a creek!


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