Making a Point to Hike Every Weekend

You’ve probably already heard of the many benefits hiking offers. You may not have the time to go thru-hiking, but making a point to hike every weekend will allow you to reap all the physical and mental benefits without taking up much of your time.

Here’s why you should make a point to hike every weekend.

1. Substitute Hiking for your Weekend Workout

Hiking is the ultimate workout. Walking on uneven terrain forces you to switch between various muscle groups from your hips all the way down to your ankles. This constant shifting of muscles requires an increased amount of energy; therefore, it boosts the burning of calories.

If you’re looking to switch up your workout, then find yourself a trail near you, slip on a day pack and immerse yourself in nature by going on a hike.

Regular hiking will increase metabolism, strengthen your muscles and boost stamina at the same time; there really is no better workout than a hike!

2. Commit to De-stressing After a Long Week

Aside from the numerous physical benefits hiking offers, it also provides many mental benefits. Going into the outdoors and away from the city quiets and calms your mind.

From research, we know that spending just 90 minutes in the outdoors reduces activity in the brain associated with negative rumination and reduces the risk of depression.

3. Problem-solving Abilities

Problem-solving Abilities

We may not realize it, but in our regular lives, we’re constantly bombarded with stimuli that deteriorate our abilities to solve complex problems. Spending time in the outdoors helps restore our chemical balance; it de-stresses our mind and gives it the reboot we need to solve complicated problems.

Overstimulation drains our brain, making it difficult for us to focus. A few moments of isolation in the outdoors can reverse some of the damage caused by overstimulation.

If you’ve had a long, exhausting week, your brain will need to wind down. While sitting behind a laptop screen and binging your favorite show may seem relaxing, the blue light being emitted from the screen and the bad sitting posture will harm your mind and body. Going hiking is a much more effective way to relax and give your mind a proper break.

When you go hiking, grab a backpack that was designed specifically for hiking. Specialized hiking backpacks prevent injuries and reduce pressure on your back and joints so you can walk freely without facing discomfort.

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