How the Right Backpack Can Be a Real Lifesaver

The right backpack can make your trip much easier!

The backpack you choose can be a deal breaker for how your trip plays out. Not only is it the bag that you carry with you, but it also contains all of your travel necessities. Think of your backpack as your mini home while you are out in the woods or on a mountain. This innocuous item is your caretaker in ways that you cannot imagine, which is why choosing the right backpack is more important than you think. People often ignore the technicalities when it comes to choosing the right backpack. They ignore the nature of the trip, they overlook the compatibility of the backpacks with their body size, and they fail to realize that their backpacks can be a lifesaver in some instances.


While travelling, one can never be sure of the weather that awaits them. Nobody likes taking a risk when it comes to their luggage, and few things are worse than your entire luggage becoming soaked. Therefore, if you choose a backpack that is water resistant, you won’t have to worry about your things getting ruined by rain.


Most of us tend to panic when it comes to packing, and some of us worry that we won’t have spaces to hide our special belongings, like passports. A backpack with multiple internal and external compartments can make your travelling much more organized. Compartments provide you with easy access to the things such as your camera, your water bottle, your climbing rope, or even a granola bar. Even better, they give you a separate place for you to keep your dirty shoes. Who wouldn’t want that kind of ease when travelling? Light Hiking Gear has the best hiking backpack for this exact reason!


There was a time when backpacks with external frames were popular, but times have changed. Today, backpacks come with internal frames, which are built inside your backpacks, and are carefully concealed. They provide you with internal support by balancing the weight of your backpack, which takes a lot of pressure off of your back and makes moving around more comfortable.


The definition of a backpack should be “an item to carry around heavy load or even little without harming your back in any way.” Too often, backpacks are designed in a way that leaves you with a sore back for days. Comfortable backpacks designed for back support are a lifesaver because they don’t place extra pressure on your shoulders or your hips, and therefore help you maintain a balanced body posture. The packs with padded shoulder straps and hip belts are also great for relieving pressure!

Don’t ruin your trip or your body by hastily choosing a backpack. Be strategic with your decision and take into consideration the trip, your body, and anything else that can affect the course of your journey! Before your trip, shop Light Hiking Gear and see why we sell the best hiking daypack around!

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