In the Woods — Backpacking Blunders for Beginners

As the lockdown restrictions are being eased in various states, many people are looking for safe activities that will take them out of the house. Hiking is one of the most common activities that can be easily done while maintaining safe social distancing. However, there are a lot of new backpackers out there who aren’t aware of the possible dangers of hiking.

Here are some of the most common backpack blunders beginners end up making:

Cooking in The Tent

The most rookie mistake you can make while hiking is cooking in your tent. It might seem like a cozy idea, especially if it’s cold and wet outside, but there can be some serious consequences of cooking in the tent.

The most obvious danger is that the tent can catch on fire. Even if you get a flame-retardant tent, there are other flammables in the tent. The bigger danger is the poisonous carbon monoxide fumes, which can kill you!

The best thing to do if you want to cook up a delicious dinner on the trail is to find a sheltered spot with lots of ventilation and go at it!

Wet Sleeping Bags

sleeping bag inside your backpack

Having to sleep in a wet sleeping bag at the end of a tiring day full of hiking and climbing mountains is the pits. This is a common blunder made by many beginners who forget to cover their sleeping bags while hiking in wet weather. A soggy sleeping bag can cause body aches and prevent you from getting a good night’s rest.

So, before you head off to the trail, make sure you have a waterproof cover for your sleeping bag inside your backpack. If you are in a pinch, just take a couple of trash bags, and you’ll be set!

Packing Your Backpack with Too Much Crap

It’s a simple hiking trip, not a month-long trek in the Sahara Desert. You don’t need to bring five pairs of underpants and ten changes of clothing. Nor do you need an entire box of Twinkies and excess cooking equipment.

Make sure you pack as light as possible, depending on the duration of your hiking trip. Look for travel toiletries and accessories that don’t take up much space. Packing light will not only make the trip easier for you but much more enjoyable as well.

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