Make Your Hiking Trip Easy With These Must-Follow Hacks!

It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

Ask any hiker why they love what they do, and you will be amazed at the variety of reasons.

Walking along the great and beautiful plains, mountains and even barren deserts holds a certain charm for people who love nature. People who want to spend time outdoors are quickly drawn towards hiking due to the convenience and great accessibility this activity offers.

But… hiking isn’t just walking, or, at least not like taking a walk around the neighborhood. Ensuring a safe and enjoyable hike should be your priority, which requires preparation:

Leaky water bottles are the worst, especially if they leak and ruin the inside of your hiking bag. You can wrap duct tape around your water bottle and prevent this from happening.

Take along a roll of duct tape with you – this item can be incredibly useful during a hike! You can do so much with the help of duct tape, from patching up leaky tents to fixing broken boots.

Wear Shorts That Can Be Pants and Vice Versa

There is a good reason why hiking pants that can turn into shorts are popular and widely available everywhere! Carrying a pair of shorts and pants can add unnecessary weight on your hiking daypack, yet you never know when you might need a particular garment.

Fortunately, manufacturers design special hiking pants for frequent hikers, which can be easily turned into shorts when needed. Being able to quickly switch to weather specific attire makes all the difference.

Make Up a Small and Basic First Aid Kit

Many small first aid kits cover basics of wound dressing which is why keeping one is important. Also consider packing in these OTC medicines:

  • Pain relief tablets
  • Blister relief pads
  • Anti-inflammatory gel
  • Muscle relief gel

Chuck everything into a zip-locked bag but make sure gel containers are closed tightly.

Start Fire Easily With Toilet Paper

Making a fire when you are in the great outdoors is a crucial life skill. Most backpackers and hikers prefer bringing along waterproof matches or a lighter yet starting a fire can still take a lot of time. To make it easier, consider using a toilet paper roll and dry lint.

Man at winter camp in front of fire

The bigger the roll is, the more lint and resultant fire. Just pack the role with lint until it’s full, light it and throw on some wood for a fast and blazing fire!

Can’t wait to try out these hacks on your next hiking adventure? First, invest in a good hiking daypack from Light Hiking Gear so that you can easily pack and carry all the essentials!


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