Setting Camp After a Long Hike

If you’ve ever been camping deep in the wilderness after a long hike, you know how refreshing it can be to finally sit down by the fire, take a load off, and just exist in that crisp, natural air. What if we were to tell you that you could have that feeling without the almost-necessary dread that setting up camp so often brings?

Setting Camp After a Long Hike

Keeping Stamina for Camp

While we won’t argue that miles are miles - walking through the wilderness is tough work - that doesn’t mean you have to feel totally exhausted when you decide to stop for camp. After all, isn’t the point of camping to enjoy your time at camp? It isn’t any fun to finally get to where you’re going, only to sleepily pitch your tent, roll out your bag, and make a cooking fire. It is possible to keep some stamina for camp; just follow these basic steps!

Leave Plenty of Time

Okay, obviously, right? But really, leaving plenty of time for camp should be the first and foremost thing on your mind. Think about it: You have to set up your camp, find all the natural supplies you need, cook (or even catch) your dinner, and still save some time to enjoy the company you brought with and the nature you’re now in. That’s quite the agenda! Plus, if you cut it even a little too close, then your time at camp will be tense, tired, and absolutely not what you signed up for. Finding a good spot for camp, even if it could be a little early, is the best way to ensure your entire group has a great time on your trip.

Know Your Destination

The most common reason that people don’t agree on a campsite is simple: They didn’t agree on the destination. Before you embark, take a few moments to discuss exactly where and what you’re hoping to get to. This decision could be as simple as the first open space you find after 2pm or as complicated as cresting to a specific rock face that someone in your group knows to be an excellent campsite.

Ultra-Light Backpacks Help

When you’re going miles out through rough or semi-rough terrain and carrying the gear needed for multiple people to comfortably camp, each step can feel like a dozen. Every little thing you can do to lessen your load, or even just the strain your load puts on your body, can make a huge difference on your level of fatigue at the end of your hike. If you want to increase everyone’s energy levels at camp, then it is crucial to find the best ultra-light backpacks possible.

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