Pack Light Pack Smart — 5 Tiny Travel Accessories

Hiking trips are all about packing the right stuff for your trip. Many people make the mistake of overfilling their backpacks with stuff they won’t need. Heavy backpacks can not only lead to back pain but can also affect the endurance of a person during hiking.

Another common mistake is taking regular-sized items instead of travel-sized accessories that are specially built for hiking and day trips.

There are numerous travel substitutes available these days that are perfect for short and long trips and can easily fit in your backpack without weighing a lot.

Here is our list of must-have travel accessories that you can add to your backpacks:

Mini Clip-On Compass:

A compass is an essential item for a hiking trip, whether it’s a small day trip or a weekend in the Rockies. It’s easy to get lost even on the simplest of trails, especially if you are a beginner. However, there is no need to carry big chunky compasses. You can get very good quality and reliable clip-on compasses that fit in the strap of your watch!

Fire Starter Kit

Firestarter kits are quite handy for safely and quickly lighting campfires while hiking. They usually include everything you’ll need from waterproof matches and spark rods to tinder and other flammable aids. Firestarter kits can help you build fires easily even in the wettest conditions and are usually small enough to fit into a small pocket of your backpack!

Pen Flashlight:

The weather these days is unpredictable, and you never know when dark clouds suddenly come rolling in. Having a penlight is a handy addition to your backpack and is often underappreciated. It is extremely useful for hiking in the dark and can even be used as a distress signal in an emergency.

Collapsible Water Bottle:

Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottles have been one of the most useful inventions for hikers in years. There is no more need to carry bulky and heavy water bottles. You can simply get a collapsible water bottle that can be squeezed flat or rolled up and added to the backpack. However, make sure you carry a small water filter in case there is no access to drinkable water, and you have to fill your water bottle from a natural water source.

Super-Absorbent Pocket Towels

Since the invention of the micro-fiber, you can now get super-absorbent towels and handkerchiefs that are perfect for traveling. Get yourself some ultralight and quick-drying towels that are packed into handy travel-sized cases that can be hooked on to your backpack. In case you get drenched in a sudden downpour, you will have a towel handy to get you dry in no time!

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