Reasons Why We Love Early Morning Hikes

Hiker atop Thai mountain peak

The power of ‘me-time’ is often undermined. We work throughout the week and when the weekend finally arrives, our schedules are packed with plans we’ve made with other people.

How often do you get time just to yourself?

Science-based health and games platform, Happify, claims that me-time is crucial for personal development and for the betterment of our minds as well as our relationships.

Time and again, science has shown that there are several benefits to spending time alone. It enhances concentration, reboots our brains, improves productivity and enables self-discovery.

Think you can use some alone time? Go for an early morning hike!

Early morning hikes can be powerful and revitalizing in a number of ways. Here’s why we love earning morning hikes:

1. It maximizes your alone time

For me-time to be effective, it needs to last a sufficient amount of time. A couple of hours on the couch just won’t do. In order for your mind to get into a reflective state, it needs to be driven away from the thoughts with which it’s usually occupied.

By leaving for your hike early morning, you’re giving yourself more than enough time to wind down. The longer you walk, the more fulfilling it will be.

2. You beat the heat

No matter where you live, the weather in the early mornings is relatively cooler; there really is no better way to start off your morning than to walk through nature with the early morning breeze gently blowing your way.

3. Have the trail to yourself

Early morning hiker atop White Mtn peak

Hiking on your own allows you to connect with yourself. Few people are willing to get up at the brink of dawn on their weekends to go hiking; you’ll rarely find other people on the trail with you.

Use this time to let your mind drift away and be at one with nature.

4. It’s safer

Not many people give it much thought but hiking in the early morning is actually much safer. If you do happen to get lost, you’ll have all the light you need to find your way out. Also, you’re more likely to find others to help you during the day than you would it if it were dark.

5. Watch the sunrise

Photographer atop peak overlooking falls

Time your hike in such a way that you reach the end of the end of the hike right in time for sunrise. Watching the sunrise and the light take over darkness has a spiritual affect on you. It reminds you that a new day has come and that there is always light at the end of the road.

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