Spring Hiking: 5 Safety Tips to Stay Safe on the Trails

Aching for a spring vacation? With the warm sunshine enveloping us in its embrace and fresh gusts of wind billowing in, there's been no better time to hit some glorious trails.

While you may feel compelled to embark on a thrilling adventure right away, it's essential that you take some time to dive into research and equip yourself with safety tips beforehand.

Not only will hiking expertise help you stay safe and comfortable, but it'll also enhance your mobility, functionality, and efficiency on the big day.

We've rounded up five safety tips to help you have the ultimate spring vacation.

Read on!

1. Invest in a Body-Friendly Day Pack or Backpack

Prioritize safety and comfort by investing in a body-friendly day pack or backpack. If you're embarking on a one-day hiking trip, we recommend opting for a lightweight daypack. For long trips that range from two days to a week, invest in a spacious, waterproof, and high-performance backpack.

Our UltraLite Packs are ideal for hiking beginners who want to tackle the trails for a mid-day hike.

Body-Friendly Day Pack or Backpack

For a full-day adventure, make the most of our DayLite Packs.

If you're pulling out all the stops and want to partake in a thrilling and rigorous week-long (or longer) hiking adventure, we recommend investing in our durable and multi-functional StrongLite Packs.

Each option is designed to fit the contours of your body, thereby preventing the risk of back, shoulder, and knee injuries. With a science-smart design, you'll reap the benefits of enhanced mobility and functionality as you tackle a long expedition.

2. Research the Trail and Weather Conditions in Advance

While you may think a quick Google search will suffice, the chances are that it'll do little to nothing in terms of equipping you with thorough insight into the trail and prevailing weather conditions.

Instead, we recommend making calls to local hiking guides and familiarizing yourself with the terrain. Connect with individuals who have tackled the trail in advance and have personal expertise.

Check regional hiking information for potential hiking alerts, local poisonous plants, and wild animals.

We also recommend hiking during the day to avoid chances of getting lost in the dark.

3. Don't Forget to Pack Trekking Poles and Other Essentials

Trekking poles are an essential piece of hiking equipment. By ridding you of extra pressure, they serve as two extra legs, thereby helping you feel comfortable during the trip.

Whether you embark on a short hike or want to tackle challenging terrain, trekking poles will provide secondary grip and enhance functionality.

Pack Trekking Poles and Other Essentials

We also recommend packing other essentials—including a collapsible water bottle, healthy and nutrient-rich snacks, a map, bug protection, rain gear, and a first aid kit.

4. Wear Comfortable Clothing and Hiking Shoes

To make the most of your hiking experience without feeling uncomfortable, we recommend opting for loose and breezy garments. Avoid cotton at all costs, as it has a tendency of taking longer than usual to dry. Opt for breathable wicking material that keeps sweat off your skin.

We also recommend making the most of light colors to stay cool during mid-day spring warmth. In addition, pick durable and waterproof hiking boots with good traction.

5. Wear Sunscreen

We couldn't emphasize this more if we tried. Invest in high-quality sunscreen for your face, neck, and body. While the crisp sun will help you achieve a beautiful tan, the chances are that it'll also leave you sunburned—especially if you burn easily.

We recommend opting for La Roche Posay's Anthelios Melt-In Sunscreen Milk (SPF 60). Ideal for hiking, the award-winning sunscreen offers advanced UVA/UVB protection.

Ready to embark on a thrilling and rejuvenating hiking adventure? Don't forget to make the most of our high-quality and lightweight day packs and backpacks to ensure a hassle-free and seamless trip.

We also offer a wide range of hiking accessories—including camera balance bags, balance gear racks, cooling neckerchiefs, hip belts, and more! Check out our pack selection guide to decide on the best option for your personalized trip. Happy hiking!


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