The Perks of Hiking in a Group

Are you not comfortable going on a solo hike? Go for a group hike instead!

Hiking with a group offers many perks that you won’t get from hiking alone.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

There’s Less Planning Involved

When you go hiking alone, there is little room for error. You have to plan meticulously and know that you have everything you need to make it to the end and back without facing any trouble on the trail.

Although there is some planning involved when you go hiking in a group, you can count on your fellow hikers to be prepared too. If you forget one or two of your essentials, someone else may have them.

Also, it helps if you’re traveling with experienced hikers who are better prepared when unforeseen circumstances arise.

It’s Safer

Hiking in a group is definitely safer

Hiking in a group is definitely safer than going into the wilderness by yourself. The best hiking trails are far away from civilization and while such isolated trails offer plenty of benefits to your mind and body, they also expose you to all kinds of threats.

Getting injured on the trail while hiking alone, can go from fun to life-threatening real fast! In a group situation, you’ll have someone to help you out.

If you’ve been hurt, they can pull you up, carry your load for you and even help with treating any injuries you may have.

Another factor you may want to consider is that there is safety in numbers. Animals are less likely to approach a group of hikers than they are to people who’re walking by themselves.

It Makes for Great Conversations

Yes, hiking solo helps calm your mind and reconnect with yourself, but being alone for long periods can also be intimidating for those who’re not used to it.

When you’re hiking with others you already know you’re going to have great conversations with those you’re hiking with. Getting away from your usual surroundings tends to trigger all kinds of emotions and thoughts in people which is why conversations on the trail are always so interesting!

You May Make New Friends

If you’ve decided to go hiking with a group of strangers, you’re bound to make new friends. Taking on challenging trails with others and sharing the same goal has a way of connecting you with fellow hikers.

Combine that with the stimulating conversations and the long hours you spend together and you’re sure to make a friend or two.

Whether you decide to go hiking by yourself or in a group, you will need proper hiking gear.

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