4 Reasons Why Fall Is the Season For Hiking

Have you ever tried hiking in the fall season? Do it this year! There’s a unique charm to hiking in the fall season that you won’t experience any other time of the year.

Here’s what makes going hiking in the fall so unforgettable:

The Scenery is Gorgeous

The trees are only orange, yellow and brown for a short period every year. If you want to take in the view of the trees before they shed all their leaves, hike in the fall! From the colors of the trees to the cool morning breeze, fall is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors.

The Weather is Great

For first-timers and others that get too hot during hikes, fall is the best time to take on tougher hiking trails. The weather isn’t too hot or too cold so your body won’t heat up like it would in the warmer months. As long as you pace yourself, you won’t feel the need to stop for breaks as often as you would during other times of the year.

Also, can you think of a better time to walk around in the outdoors when the air is so clean and crisp?

The Trails Aren’t So Crowd

hiking to get some alone-time

If you’re the type who goes hiking to get some alone-time then you’ll love being on the trails in the fall season. Compared to the spring and summer, the trails are pretty empty in the fall. You can go out on some of the most popular trails during this time of the year and only find a few people.

Everyone looking to clear their heads and get away from the daily stresses of life should pick a hiking trail to take on over the weekend. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Animals Come Out to Play

Wildlife usually takes refuge in the heat of summer, but come fall, the animals are back out again! Depending on where you’re hiking, you’ll come across rabbits, beavers, foxes, elks, deer and more animals on the trail. In these months animals are preparing themselves for the winter. They collect twigs to make their shelters and gather food to keep themselves full during the colder months.

Pull out your binoculars and see these spectacular animals in their natural habitats.

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