4 Things That Can Make or Break Your Hiking Adventure

Hiking is one of those activities you’ll get better at with time. After you’ve been to a few hiking trails, you’ll avoid the mistakes that you once made and you’ll be better prepared for the surprises you’ll find on the trail.

The following are things that can make or break your hiking adventure:

1. Packing Right

Rookies make the mistake of treating a hike like any other trip – it’s really not!

In other trips, if you’ve forgotten to pack something, you can always stop somewhere to pick it up. You’re not traveling with limited food and water; whenever you’re hungry, you can find a place to grab something to eat. You can fill up your bags as much as you want because it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to be on your feet for long stretches of time.

When you go on a hike, you don’t have the liberty to stop at convenient stores to pick up things you forgot. You travel with limited sources of food and water so you have to know how you’re going to stay hydrated on the trail.

Also, you have to be careful about what you pack. The more you fill up your backpack, the heavier it will get and the harder it will be for you on the trail.

2. Keep the Height in Mind

distance that causes exhaustion

Seasoned hikers will tell you that it’s not the distance that causes exhaustion when hiking – it’s the height. Inexperienced hikers tend to focus on the distance before they head out; they often don’t realize how steep the trail is until they’re actually on it. Hiking uphill is significantly harder than it is to trek on flat terrain. If you’re not in the best shape, it’s best to avoid hiking uphill and stay on flatter trails.

3. Know How to Read a Map or Compass

We’ve all become so reliant on our phones and navigational systems that many of us don’t know how to read a map or use a compass. Using your GPS to get you from point A to point B in the city is all well and good, but it won’t be very helpful in the woods where you don’t have network.

When you’re far away from the city and immersed in nature, you need to rely on old-school tools! Take a map and compass along and make sure you know how to read it!

4. The Best Backpack

Thinking of pulling out your old duffle back for a long hiking trip? Don’t! Whether you’re going on a day hike or a long hiking trip, you must get a backpack that not only provides plenty of space for your essentials but also prevents back pain and reduces pressure on your joints.

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