Aarn Pelvic Form Hipbelt
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Aarn Pelvic Form Hipbelt Aarn Pelvic Form Hipbelt Diagram

Aarn Hipbelt for Our Lightweight Hiking Backpacks - Light Hiking Gear

$ 69.95

Product Description

The hipbelts connect to the backpacks and evenly distribute weight around the pelvis. While most hipbelts out there press on the hip bones and bruise them from uneven weight distribution, ours use auto-form and pelvic-form technology, making even the most heaviest of loads manageable. Back pain is something nobody wants to deal with, especially when exploring the beautiful outdoors. While Aarn constructs some of the best hiking daypacks and backpackers bags, our products would be nowhere are comfortable as they are without our hipbelt attachments.

  • Hipbelts come in three sizes
  • These mold to your body and use a 2:1 pulley system for tightening
  • Several mechanisms for organization, including a ring attachment and several pockets
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